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Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Parkland

If you have just experienced water problems in your home or business space, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Parkland is the right place for flood cleanup and water damage restoration services. Has your property sustained water damaged due to broken pipes, faulty appliances, or a clogged-up sewage system? Rely on us! We also provide emergency responses for water damage from natural causes such as heavy rainfalls, storms, and floods.

We render water removal and damage restoration services to residential and commercial building owners in Parkland, Florida. We also work closely with insurance agents and property managers to ensure that buildings are kept free from water damage.

Our restoration process consists of:

  1. Water Damage Assessment
  2. Water Extraction
  3. Water Damage Removal
  4. Structural Drying
  5. Dehumidification
  6. Indoor Mold Growth Control and Deodorization
  7. Final Inspection
Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration
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Assess Water Damage

As soon as we arrive at your premises, our technicians will run a water damage assessment on your property. This inspection will serve to determine the category of the water source, its contamination level, the areas affected, and the potential damage level.

From this assessment, we'll be able to determine the most appropriate damage restoration equipment and plan for your premises.

Excess Water Extraction

As soon as we complete our water damage assessment on your property, we proceed to remove excess water from the affected area. This step ensures efficient drying and also prevents further water damage.

For this removal, we use industry-grade submersible pumps and high-grade vacuums. Our water damage professionals also use portable moisture detectors and extraction units to locate and remove moisture from hidden spots on your property.

Water Damage Removal

After extracting excess water from your premises, we remove damaged and irredeemable materials from the area. This ensures a thorough restoration process and makes cleaning of sofas and couches faster.

Structural Drying

When there is a water issue on your premises, it really doesn't take a lot of time for water to penetrate your floors, sofas, and furniture. But, when penetrated water is not dried properly, it can cause severe damage to your property. So, we use state-of-the-art equipment like centrifugal air movers, air dryers, and axial fans to quickly evaporate moisture from your baseboards, floorings, and building fixtures.

Suppose there was sufficient time for water to penetrate your furniture and upholstery. In that case, our experts might have to move them for better drying and further cleaning.


Due to the water damage and during structural drying, we would need to cut down the humidity level of the surrounding air. Therefore, we use refrigerant dehumidifiers to dehumidify your space. At the same time, we ensure that temperatures are left at around 60-80 degrees and the humidity level doesn't get too low.

Indoor Mold Growth Control, Sanitization, and Deodorization

Odor and mold growth are always inevitable when you do not get an efficient water removal service. However, we help you prevent these problems by offering indoor mold growth control and deodorization services.

We use eco-friendly deodorizers to rid your space of unpleasant odor that might develop after water damage. We also take mold air and surface sampling (at your request and at an additional cost) to test for mold that may already be present due to the water damage. In case of positive results (mold growth is present indoors), we can help with mold removal and remediation.

Final Inspection

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Parkland, your satisfaction as our client is our top priority. Therefore, upon completing our water damage restoration services on your premises, we run final monitoring and inspection with you.

From this inspection, we ensure that proper mitigation has been done and that no damage results from the situation in the near future.

Call Us for Water Damage Restoration Services!

So, do you reside or do business in and around Parkland, Florida? Have you recently experienced water problems that need damage restoration? Call us today!

Our services are prompt, and we work with highly trained and experienced restoration specialists in the industry. We'll ensure that the state of your property is never left damaged by water damage.

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